Tuesday, September 22, 2009


What’s up everyone? Hope this blog finds you well. I want to thank you again for visiting my site. The feedback thus far has been really really good and I appreciate it. Last week I was AWOL a bit as I was out in Las Vegas presenting some of my research as a poster at the ISSN symposium. There was a good mix of meatheads and science geeks there so you know I enjoyed it. As much as I enjoy attending shows like the Arnold and the Olympia I do get tired of the questions like “ay bro wutz gud 2 get me big ‘n’ ripped yo.” At the same time I also can tire of research symposiums like Experimental Biology where many people don’t think research in protein metabolism is that worthwhile as the majority of nutritionists feel that protein is over consumed (someone hand me a dumbbell to hit them with). So I enjoyed the ISSN symposium. People were insightful and asked the right questions by and large. They also kept the research in the context of enhancing performance and muscle mass for the elite athlete/bodybuilder rather than the context of trying to apply it to the general couch potato which is what is typically done at science symposiums. There was some very interesting research presented there that I look forward to seeing published in the coming months. And oh yea… who doesn’t like a few nights out in vegas?

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